Friday, February 6, 2009

Wnter 09 lining print

Vintage stamp chemistry print '09

Why is it that when your looking for something quite particular it's near impossible to find,
yet when your not looking for anything in particular, those same particular things keep popping up?

For our lining print this season we decided to go old school and use a combination of custom made rubber stamps and old vintage number woodblocks to print our chemistry yardage.

When we decided to use old wood block stamps for the inocorporated numbers and letters in a vintage typewriter style they were of course quite difficult to come by, however after some hunting the best finds came from a couple of Mecurialist's favourite stores....

The Lost and Found Market:, Tarlo and Graham, Industria and Chapel St Bazaar

Old typesetting letters and numbers from Lost and Found Market, we were delighted that the 100 or so stamps came with the vintage black ceramic cup they were displayed in....

A selection of vintage stamps, woodblocks and the custom ones we had made up.

First yardage print in progress.

Mecurialist chemistry print- 09 a combination of antique and custom made stamps.